TechieBunch is the brainchild of an engineer-cum-technical writer who wants to help businesses expand with the sharing of valuable knowledge and application.

The passion for real-world issues involving businesses, marketing, technologies, and online tools has sparked off the foresight of creating TechieBunch so that you can use these rich information to bridge business to business –B2B.

In this data-centric world now, people are drowning in the cloud of information, not knowing how to choose information that is relevant to them. This would create a red sea of competition which is unhealthy to the ecosystem.

Just as too many fluffs and puff that hinder decision making, we’re paralyzed with analysis. TechieBunch is here to bridge the business owners, like you, through partnerships, and affiliations.

We believe that affiliate marketing is here to stay as it creates a sustainable ecosystem vital for business growth. Why fight when we can be friends?

We respect the hard work out of all original contents, that’s why we’re adamant to help push amazing creations out there. If you have a product that’ll blow your customers’ minds, hook me up with an email and let’s talk!

PS: We treasure all about originality and have a strict policy about plagiarism-free culture.